Stop, THIEF!!!


Can you believe it … some … nimwit STOLE the flat of Prim Roses I had just bought!! Right from my from front door step!!  I spent TWO hours Sunday trying to find at least a six pack to replace the stolen flat, but to no avail.  No one had them, no one could get them.   We had a SERIOUS Prim Rose shortage. (which I want to know – "how can that happen?? It’s SPRING!!")Monday, about to give up the thoughts of planting Prim Roses this Spring in my Strawberry pot and back fence Terra cotta, I made one more stop, crossing my fingers and hoping they had a few Prim Roses left.While the rest of town is out of and looking for Prim Roses, apparently my local nursery man got his hands on the last flat available and SAVED them all for me!!Yay!!!(makes mental note:  said nursery man has a weak spot for Strawberry pie … make this guy a pie!!!)


3 responses to “Stop, THIEF!!!

  1. Okay how low can a person get? Stealing someone’s Prim Roses. It is so sad that no one else has them. A short of Prim
    roses who would have guessed.

  2. Yea Primroses! So pretty and cheerful.

  3. What! Now that is just downright dirty! And, no more to be found…rats!

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