So … I’m *not* a Rock Star…

And I don’t even play one on tv…

Rock_star A couple of weeks ago, while caught up in the rush to overcome medical setbacks and get back on schedule, I was talking to this really cool nurse – (more of a physicians assistant really), about my up coming 50th birthday.

As with all birthdays, I’m kind of … shy about it.  Not because the numbers bother me, I’m way too immature to let age be an obstacle.  It’s the attention… or worse, being forgotten (which has happened way too many times to count).

It seems odd, though … my about to turn 50. 

I don’t know how that’s supposed to feel .. and I’m so .. not very 50-like.  Not like any of the 50 years olds I knew growing up.  I still wear Jr. size clothing, although I do TRY to dress my age and not look like I’m an old lady trying to be a kid.  I still think of myself as a girl rather than a woman. (well, of course, unless we’re talking … other things .. then, woman I am!)

So, Jeff, this cool nurse I know and I were talking about my turning 50 – and how odd it seems to me, mostly because I’m so … immature for my age and it’s a big number for someone as immature as me.  That, maybe during my housebound and bedridden days, back in the poverty years, my brain got stuck in a time warp.

And then Jeff says the magical words that made him my favorite nurse forever.  With his big brown eyes taking on a serious note, he says, "I have 35 year old patients that look older than you." Although I’m pretty modest .. at this point I don’t even want to know if he’s just being nice or not.  Let’s leave well enough alone.   

*laughs at self, straightens posture*

As I’m leaving the doctors office, I slip on my Maui Jim’s to tone down the sun’s bright glare, do the "I feel good about me" head toss with an added hair flip …  and then … I’m gone…

Some where between "feeling good about me" and the "head toss" I was a DORK and stepped wrong on the first step, TWISTED my right ankle under me and  …. fell!! 

The blessing of being a rather coordinated, yet momentarily clumsy blonde is that I recover quickly and was up and on my feet before too many of the dozen or so observing my fall from grace could notice.


The not so blessing thing .. I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk later that night.

… but that’s yet ANOTHER story to tell.   *grins*


4 responses to “So … I’m *not* a Rock Star…

  1. Okay darling is that a real picture of you?
    When is the big day? I don’t want to miss it. Hmm, a nagging feeling I’ve asked this already, which is not good.

  2. lol.. yes Cat .. it’s me. *blushes n grins*
    I’m being an Easter bunny this year. Ya think Hef will lend me some ears??

  3. Whoa!!!! I didn’t look THAT good when I was 20! There is a lot to be said for arrested development. *G*

  4.’s a piece of cake! 50 and fabulous is my motto for this year long celebration of turning 50.

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