Group Support …

Braces seem to be all the buzz amongst a few of my adult type friends.

Cool, I think. 

Especially cool since one of them has chicken scared above average fears of the dentist. (well, unless you look in his world – I think 99% of his friends have a dental phobia of some sort! It’s AMAZING!!  I think on their friendship applications (using your imagination that there is such a application), it has written on paragraph one that it’s MANDATORY to have a dental phobia! lol)

So, like … because I’m bringing my kids up to be supportive and kind and only bite when necessary, I thought I’d give a few of my buddies the Ark Family Better Living Through Straight Teeth or Dental Enhancement, support.

Galen_teeth_3 Galen has BIG, Man Eating Puppy Teeth.


Izzy has little teeny baby sharp razer teeth. (she’s almost 4 months)


Molly has old and sometimes brown teeth.


And Sprite has …  left over Werewolf Halloween teeth … lol


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