Beginning blooms…


Since the middle of the week we’ve had the rain showers promised us. Torrential rain. It’s been wonderful having Mother Nature spank our air and give California a much needed bath. We’re also coming up on that time of the year where I just can’t help myself. Flowers rule my world. I’m SO guilty of Spring Fever. Every Spring. Every Year.


3 responses to “Beginning blooms…

  1. Oh how beautiful! No flowers here yet, but I have seen some weeds sprouting! *G*

  2. I am so with you I love flowers. Okay where are you? You haven’t posted in a bit. Are things okay?

  3. Thanks, Susan, those are allmond tree blossoms.
    Ya, I get a bit flower crazy, Cat. I have a recent gardening bill to prove it. lol I’m ok, hon, just been really busy and trying to stabilize my strength again. Thanks for looking out for me though. *big hugs*

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