Tonight, before bedtime…

Galen_reading I found Galen hidden under the side table in my office/spare room reading the book I’d just finished.

Although he was trying to tell me he was just looking at the pictures, well … he knew he was busted.


Apparently he was saving some parts to read later?  Or just ripping out the tasty paragraphs?

Who knew my little big man would like a story about Vampires?  Who knew he could read???

Ok.. and who knew I would have SUCH a hard time scolding him for this one?  The truth is, he’s been after this book for DAYS!!!  Finally he seems to have nabbed it when my back was turned! 

Truly, it was just way to much of an adult book for a puppy to read so I had to take it away.

*blank blonde, "I want to kill the puppy but he’s too sweet and I can’t," look*


3 responses to “Tonight, before bedtime…

  1. And, such an innocent look! OMG he is so expressive!!!

  2. Those pictures had me giggling at the keyboard tonight. I don’t think I could have yelled at him either, he looks so darn innocent!

  3. Ya, Sara… he kills me sometimes with those expressions of his. He’s such a love!
    Ann, I couldn’t yell at him. Instead I said “stay” and ran and got the camera! I’m a flunkee for a mom!! At least it was ONE time he obeyed his command! lol (ok, he does most times, EXCEPT when it comes to reading VS mag. and my books!)

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