Because I’m truly evil…

Winter_garden While the rest of you non Californians are freezing your touches off, shoveling your sidewalks and driveways, swamping out mud, sleet, ice or snow ….

I was thinking dang, I need to fertilize and snail bait my Pansy’s.

*blink, blink .. blue eyed blonde look*


However … in your defense, I will say… "You probably have AIR that you can actually BREATH!" 

But, hey … at least I have Pansy’s!  I might not be able to breathe for a day or two here and there *rolls eyes* But! I have great looking Pansy’s! lol

*laughs at self*


7 responses to “Because I’m truly evil…

  1. I’m jealous of your pansies but in my defense, I can’t breathe my air either. *g*

  2. ohhhh pretty! I love pansies, but even more I love their little cousins Johnny Jump Ups. At least that’s what I think they are called.

  3. Pansies! I love them…they are one of my most favorite flowers…

  4. Pansies! I love them…they are one of my most favorite flowers…

  5. More snow here….no more winters in the cornfields. Want a room mate?

  6. Dang, Devorah! Pack your bags, and bring the rest of the squids, too!! No point in having bad weather, bad air AND no pansys! Time for a NY vacation!
    I love the Johnny Jump
    Ups, too Susan. They don’t last as long here with our heat. I’m still thinking about planting some in my strawberry pot.. they’ll be cute for at least 3 more months.
    Sara, they’re one of my favorites too, right in there with Snapdragons, Iris’s and Tulips. I just LOVE spring flowers!
    You betcha, Ann! Come on out! (we might have the Squid family for a while, too.. I’ll look for a bigger place! *winks n laughs*)

  7. I absolutely love your pansies – the white and purple are just gorgeous.

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