It’s all about under the bed…

I_know_youre_in_there_1 Izzy has quickly discovered that she has more leverage playing with Galen while SHE is under the bed .. a place he LOVES but is too big to crawl under any more.


Molly thinks they make too much noise and can’t believe Izzy isn’t afraid of her.   Galen is afraid of her.  Why isn’t Izzy afraid of her?


Izzy comes out from under the bed long enough to steal one of Galen’s toys. (notice there is no toy shortage in this house?  Abused toys we’ve plenty.)

Mexico_izzy_145  Wait… he didn’t notice I stole the last one.  I’ll have to take another.

**My office has a guest bed, work room, art room all rolled up in one. (aka: TOO much in ONE room) The Ark Family is convinced that I couldn’t work without them, so this is where they spend a LOT of their time … unless they get too rowdy and I kick them out of the room.


One response to “It’s all about under the bed…

  1. They are all so adorable!!! How is Molly feeling?

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