Meet Izzy ….

Meet_izzyI’m Izzy, Galen’s little sister. 

Half sister, really … but does it matter?  Our mommy dated different daddies between when Galen was born and I was born. 

When I first met Galen I was really, really scared.  NO ONE told me he was SO big.  I was so scared, I tilted my head back, and SCREAMED bloody murder at the top of my little puppy lungs, hoping SOMEONE would save me.


As it ends up, I didn’t need to be afraid at all.

Galen is the coolest big brother a little puppy could ever have!  He shares EVERYTHING with me!  Even his food and his TOYS!


I like to play tug … a lot!


Galen even lets me win!


If you hadn’t noticed, I have really blue eyes and I’m very smart. 

I’m SO smart I’m almost potty trained even though I’ve only been with my new mommy for FOUR days!

(She’ll tell you about that later, I just wanted to tell you HI from puppyland before we went to bed.)

(On a non puppy note… I’m having typepad issues .. AGAIN.  This time, I can not only NOT leave comments on my blog, I can’t on anyone else’s blog either.  After several tries of trying to comment on several of your blogs it FINALLY occurred to me that the typepad demon had struck again!  Hopefully they will respond in a timely manner after I contact them.)


6 responses to “Meet Izzy ….

  1. Izzy is absolutely the cutest little thing! And I love that she loves to play tug with Galen – AWESOME pics! Congratulations on the newest little member of the Ark Family!!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! this is incredibly adorable!! can I have her!! AWWW!!

  3. You know how to make your friends fall in love with your babies…Izzy is gorgeous…beautiful eyes…and so cute. Another baby to watch grow up…
    Sorry you are having blog problems….

  4. Your family is expanding??? Congratulations!

  5. Welcome Izzy! What a cutie you are. And pssst your mommy is a real softie when it comes to doggies

  6. Oh Izzy you are just the cutest. I am so sure Galen just melts and lets you have your way when you look at him with those big blue eyes of yours.
    Hugs to you and Mommy!!!

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