A proud aunt….

Colby My nephew, Colby, is just an amazing kid.  He’s attending an Art Institute College and he’s just written, sang, and produced his song, "The Dirty Deed" (click link below). 

I’m SO impressed with his creativity while he’s in the discovery process!  Me thinks I be one proud aunt!!



2 responses to “A proud aunt….

  1. Well you should be proud of him. I really like his voice, first of all – it fits this style of music to a “T”. And it’s so obvious to me that he is very passionate about his music – and the fact that he plays everything is pretty amazing. I think he has talent. A former student of mine, Matt Pryor, is a Graduate of the Berkley School of Music in Boston, and has a band and does a lot of performing:
    And his band, “The Fens”:
    It would be very cool if they could somehow start up a dialog about the music business and performing. Matt is very talented, and a really nice kid, and would probably be happy to give Colby some pointers or advice. Congrats to your nephew, and keep supporting him and he needs to keep creating! It’s all good!

  2. I’m always a little nervous when a friend says “hey, listen to this song from someone in my family”.
    This time, I was happy. The song rocked. NIN without all the feedback.
    On a side note… This is the one cool aspect about “MySpace” not old men looking for teenage girls

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