South to the border … or WELCOME to Mexico…

Entrance When most people go to see their "main" doctor, they generally take a drive that can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, cross the street, watch traffic, some may even fly to another state.  All that typical stuff.

Me… I cross the border and head south … to Mexico.

Not your typical recovery plan when one has been ill, but one that has literally saved my life and help put me back in a position where I can get out and begin *living* life again.  It’s been a  long, slow process, especially when one is rebuilding their ENTIRE immune system,  but it’s been totally worth it.

Last Tuesday I packed the Ark Family and headed South to the border.  I was way over due for a check up … and, as I found out, a wee bit sicker than I thought I was.

What completely amazes me – and even pisses me off a little (a lot) – is how TWO doctors locally can read the SAME blood tests and NOT see what another medical person or doctor can see down south…. in Mexico OR San Diego.

No wonder I haven’t been feeling so well.  No wonder the fever kept getting worse and my life became a fog outside of my work. (work is the only thing I manage to pull off when I’m feeling that poorly – only because I have always had this wonderful gift of being able to totally step out of my life and into my work.  After all, my personal life doesn’t belong in my clients lives.)

As it ends up my blood tests were a mess.  I had them done in October before a visit to one of my doctors I see locally.  I’m rather wondering where his eyes were.  That explains why I kept going down hill since my travels though….

I was fighting a kidney infection, my red and white blood cell counts were both low, my hemoglobin was off, my potassium was low, my adrenal glands were off, my thyroid was low, my liver was stressed … the list goes on …  in other words… my Immune System became overly distressed from LACK of GOOD medically care (again) and started to crash on me (again). 

The blessing is that I KNOW where to go and where to find answers now.  I just need to not wait so long to get there when I’m not feeling well.   I had no idea my one local doctor was so .. incompetent. I thought I’d weeded out all the bone heads.  He’s going to have to .. be relieved from duty.

So, I’m home now and going to need to pace myself over the next week (or two) while my body is on the mend. 

It’s good to be home.  Me, two dogs and a cat in a Motel 6 hotel room is … not on the top 10 list of places I’d like to be.  (but . thank God Motel 6 takes pets, cuz I really didn’t want to board the kids with Molly and Galen starting to do so well while on the tail end of their medication.)

Amen to cable and wireless, too. 

OMG… I’ve had to use dial-up for the last 5 days!!  That alone is enough to rack up some pity  points, I’m thinking..   It REALLY *is* good to be home!!

*laughs at self*

(btw.. Susan and Paul… I haven’t forgotten about either of you .. you both have THANK YOU’S coming .. life has just sort of had me in a tight grip the past .. wayy too many weeks)


3 responses to “South to the border … or WELCOME to Mexico…

  1. Honey, you don’t owe me a thank you. You just need to take care of yourself and get your health back. That’s thanks enough. 😉

  2. It’s good to have you back…in the country..and feeling a bit better.
    Keep resting and building your strength back.

  3. You don’t owe me a thank you either! Just get better so you can be a happy Sprite.

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