I have drugs…

For my dogs.

Before I left for Mexico I had a chat with the Ark Family Vet.  Concern about Molly having any pain and concern about Galen being more puppy than a girl under the weather, going through medical treatments would be up to handling.

So, the Vet hooked me up with drugs.  Extra pain killers for Molly and chill out pills for Galen. (I am so like one of those bad mom’s that give their babies whiskey to make them stop crying… lol .. well, ok, not really.. I’m giving him pills, not whiskey.)

I have to say, though… Galen’s chill pills really don’t seem to chill out more than his gate when he walks.  He moves a little slower and sort of uncoordinated.  Otherwise, he’s had to be kenneled twice so he would chill ..and more than anything.. SHUSH the H UP!!!  A bark as deep and loud as Galen’s (even when he’s trying to be quiet) has NO place in a hotel room!   All in all, he’s a good boy.  He only escaped once and scared the bejezus out of 3 Hispanic folk that probably thought he’d make good BBQ. 

Somehow I don’t think their English was good enough to believe me when I tried to tell them that he’s only a puppy and just learning to bark at things … really.. He’s the FRIENDLY one.  Molly will bite! lol


4 responses to “I have drugs…

  1. Ahhhh… Better living through chemistry. LOL!

  2. Umm okay did miss something? Are you in Mexico? Sounds like you have a good vet; one thing about Galen, it will be outgrown, maybe just not as fast as Mommy wants LOL or needs 😉

  3. Sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do!

  4. Paul… ahhh yes, do you remember when??? LOL
    Yes, Cat, I was going/went to Mexico. My main doctor is down there. I think I’m going to write about him in my blog … stay tuned.. lol
    I hear ya, Ann. I sucked on that wiskey bottle for about an hour before I gave it to Galen and we BOTH slept soundly. lmao Ok.. not really. 🙂

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