Maybe I’ll listen to this one…

Normally I don’t pay much attention to my own personal horoscope.  They always seem written or geared toward "any" Aries, but ME!  They’ve never truly fit my life.  Today I came across this horoscope though and it made me do one of those chin scratching ponders.  I think I’m still feeling a bit weak enough that I might actually take heed to THIS particular horoscope. 

Sage advice ohhh grasshopper.. lol


Aries     Think about your calendar today and for the entire week ahead, for if you are overbooking yourself now, it may lead to big trouble down the road. If you are over-extended, reality will creep up on you quickly. But don’t withdraw; instead, monitor your plans and if it feels like you are taking on too much, then eliminate enough to make a difference


3 responses to “Maybe I’ll listen to this one…

  1. I’m an Aries also. When is your day?

  2. But will you actually listen? :o)

  3. Cat, I’m in early April.. when are you?
    Ann… I mean MOM … lol

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