She’s back in bed…


I’m bored. 

My mommy isn’t playing with me and Kitty just swatted my nose.  Molly always ignores me – or worse, growls at me and Tuna (the fish) only talks to my mom.

Earlier my mom made me go to my room because I wouldn’t just SHUSH UP

I couldn’t help it. 

Sometimes I just NEED to wag my tail and BARK.

I really didn’t have to do the *Outside go Potty* job, I just wanted mom to get up. 

She’s not getting up .. but she did have another one of those dreams.  I guess she’ll tell you about that later if she wants to. (that’s three she hasn’t told you about … just saying…)

I’m going to lay here and be quiet now.  If I don’t she’ll make me go back to my room.

It’s all alone in there … and the floor is cold. (I ate my bed – FOUR times)

*bored dog sigh*


2 responses to “She’s back in bed…

  1. I know, Cat… isn’t that just the most pathetic look??? lol

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