I notice that….

Technology works much better when you take it out of the box.

I enjoy and have a need to be kind or of service to others … but I abhor people who try to take advantage of that kindness for their own selfish gain. Some people should try asking me instead of trying to manipulate me…. and their day just might look brighter. Just a thought.

It’s harder to pack for a winter trip … when all your warm, long sleeved t-shirts are in the dirty clothes hamper. Hey!  Don’t look at me like that .. I’ve got clean underwear!!

I still believe in fairy tales and that dreams do come true.

It’s easy to walk around like it’s Spring time in May when  you have a fever in December.

There is no need to "act" nice if you actually "are".

Some friends embrace you and introduce you around while others seem to hold you at arms length, yet are surprised when one day you start distancing yourself.

I try to be perkier when I have a headache…  how’s it working so far??? 🙂

I often forget that the girly-girl has power to her punch … that I don’t have to sit there and wait for traffic like some damn turtle.

I am distancing – shutting down – from IM’s and the Internet. Except for work.

Although a part of me is sad … I CHOOSE to be Happy!

It’s January … and I’m still not done with Christmas.

Some people look for a reason to be depressed … and put down others that don’t. Personally, I think they should get their OWN pair of antidepressants.  The rest of the world would sure be a happier place. *grins*

Some people are so full of BS it makes me wonder if they actually MOO when they do #2.

I say *gigglefest* at times when I’m really not giggling with THAT much glee – subterfuge a la blonde style. Does that make me a … fake – or just a flake??? *grins*

I notice that I don’t giggle as much as I used to … and I don’t think it’s because I’m growing up.

The worse my fever got the more I wanted sex.  I guess it’s been THAT long since I was THAT hot.  *blank look*

Sometimes talking to one person makes me long for another.

It’s easy to baffle people with blondeness when I smile and let my eyes twinkle.

I notice that with some people it’s all black or white. All or nothing.  What ever happened to the art compromise?

I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  Moving or staying. Mostly I’m going. Some stuff is boxed, some stuff is wondering if it needs to jump in the box.

There are some people I miss more than less as time goes by.

My ex doesn’t like it when I tell him he’s behaving like his girlfriend.  *innocent blonde look n grins*

No matter how some people try to disguise it, it’s still easy to see that they are advanced in the art of half truths and evasive lies of omission. Wouldn’t you think having to remember one lie from the next would just get all freaking EXHAUSTING???

Some people are so obsessed with the past they can’t find their way to the future.

I notice that the less I eat chocolate … the more I want sex.  That would be great .. if I knew someone I wanted to have sex with. *blank look*

When people ask if I model I immediately turn into an ostrich and look for a sand dune to stick my head in.  *self conscious look*

Some people other people knowmake me think of scary people.

Galen has a poop bark (VERY LOUD) and a pee Whine.

When I have a fever I have a tendency to behave like a Sprite on drugs     (I don’t do drugs.  But I did hear I was cute once.. lol)

After I got upsetting news my fever escalated Now doesn’t that just suck?

The more my sinuses hurt and turn into headache pain, the more I spell like someone who has never won a spelling bee or has had a brain. This happens WAY too often.

I had about 15 minutes today where my general mood was: SNARL, RIP, TEAR, SHRED ..  oh yeah… and the phuck word. *blink, blink*

I notice I got over that.

The more I talked about going back on my diet (medical food allergy diet – not to lose weight) the more I became a slave to everything that was NOT on my diet.

I only have 3 months to get in drop dead kickass shape for my 50th.  Can you even believe I’m mature enough to be fifty??? 

I notice I worry about it because I’m going to pose nude for my 50th.  No … I’m not going to show you. (unless I look unbelievably HOT and you can’t see me tata’s or tootoo’sThink ART, not porn!!)

That when I get stuck I just make it up as I go along and most people don’t know the difference.  *blank, blink, blink look*

I’m still incredibly immature for my age even though biologically the clock tells me I’m getting older.

I’m not sure what "getting older" means.  I don’t know how to be old ... and you shouldn’t either.

I have some pretty cool new friends and people I appreciate in my life.  Thank you.

I notice I’m just rambling now … because I’m temporarily out of things that I notice.  Don’t worry, I’ll go to bed, tomorrow will come .. and then I’ll notice some more.

(edit: THANK YOU, Paul .. it hurt my eyes, too, after I looked at it. lol  Damn fever, Thanks for loaning me a second pair of eyes!)


7 responses to “I notice that….

  1. Is there anything you don’t notice?

  2. YOU ARE GOING TO BE 50???? Damn darlin, do you not know that 50 is simply fabulous?
    Posing nude..damn, why didn’t I think of that? I guess I still have time..I will be 50 until next October.
    Whew..that post certainly said a lot about a lot. It feels good to just put it out there sometimes, you know?

  3. You had me laughing hysterically and crying. OMG I could not and will not believe you are turning 50. No Way!!!! If I remember right I did see a pic of you somewhere and there is no way I would believe it.

  4. Love the list of things that you put out there!
    I certainly advise posing nude when you are 50!!!
    I did when I was in my 40s and they are some of my most favorite photos of myself.

  5. Jim … I’m sure there’s something I might not notice if I weren’t noticing that I noticed it. *blank look*
    Ann… so fifty is good, huh? lol I really haven’t noticed much difference .. since 30 something. Life is life and I still need a boob lift. lol Ok, so you can pose nude, TOO! Only YOU have to post your nude shots on the internet. *huge grin*
    Cat .. will you come live with me?? I want you to be my new best friend. *Hugs* I don’t look fifty, huh? Say it again, come on, say it one more time, pleaseeeee??? *big silly grin*
    Sara … you sligh little devil you… nude in your 40’s, huh? I have a back side in my 40’s .. and lots of lingerie shots. lol
    The bubble bath came today, hon. YAY!! Guess where I’m going in a bit??? *big hugs and LOTS of THANK YOUS*

  6. “I have some pretty cool new friends and people I appreciate in my life. Thank you.”
    No, THANK YOU! *hugs*

  7. You are SO sweet, Paul! And ..no.. THANK YOU! *Group Hug* lol

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