Typepad issues… ohhh boyyyy…

Has anyone had difficult leaving a comment recently on my blog?  Since my Fortune Cookie blog, all of a sudden, I can’t reply to comments.  I can leave comments on other blogs, just not mine.  It appears I’m configured correctly, my post say I accept comments as well. 

Oh yay, lucky me.  The Typepad hex.  lol  They’ve been soooo helpful in the past… (not) *rolls eyes n frowns*  I’ve sent a note in to typepad, we’ll see how long it takes them to do anything about it.. or act like they don’t understand why there’s a problem.

If any of you have any insight, send me an email would you, please?  I’ve gotten my questions answered a lot simpler, easier, and in HUMAN terms from fellow blog friends than I have ever gotten any helpful info form dear old typepad..




2 responses to “Typepad issues… ohhh boyyyy…

  1. Well let’s see … how are you feeling?

  2. It’s finally fixed, Devorah. I’m a little better, but haven’t earned any bragging rights yet. I’m in the midst of trying to prepare to drive down south and get a few medical treatments from my Dr. Being weak is so not fun! The fever has let up though .. until around 5-6 then it seems to start up again. But! The main thing is I AM Healing and my body IS fighting back! That’s WAY important for a girl who has had to rebuild her immune system.
    Thanks for caring. *hugs*

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