The Lights Police… Please!!!

Galen_and_kitty_lights_009 My lovely neighbors have added MORE to their yard since I took this picture one rainy night before Christmas. 

Yes.  MORE. 

Really, there’s not much yard space left.  I love Christmas lights, but… for some reason this house and one other that I have to pass by EVERY DAY on my way to and from my home just make me think…. "GET HELP DECORATING – send in the Light’s Police" 

Small yards, I’m thinking, some how don’t require the light investment of say, Christmas Tree Lane!   Between their BLOW UP Santa and Grinch that half the time look like they’ve got their hands up each others – private parts, and the row of candy cane lights they’ve added to the little arch boardering the yard … well… It hurts my little brain to think about it any more…. not to mention my light strained eyes.

Enough said.  I don’t want to be mean .. but, please… Just CALL the Lights Police.  They need a  hall monitor.  AND to be kept AWAY from the after Christmas lights and blow up sales.  No more!  Please!!


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