I didn’t …. did I???

Collage7_1 Yay! for Christmas!  And Merry Christmas!!

I’m supposed to be making dinner for the ex tonight – an old fashioned Christmas dinner of which I normally LOVE to do.  Holiday meals, to me, are the easiest things to do and I love orchestrating the timing on it all so that everything is done and ready to feast on at the same time.

My turkey seems to be having a little trouble cooking, though.

*innocent blonde look*

I, ummmmm…. might have accidentally on purpose forgot to thaw it out yesterday when I decided I wasn’t in the mood to cook dinner.  *shrugs*

Guess we’ll be going out to Lyons after all. 


The ex will be fine with it, I’m the one that would rather cook than go out and eat on special holidays.  Actually, I normally HATE to go out to eat on holidays.  This year, however, I don’t really care so much.  Just give me the food and move it on along …. lol

I’ll wear something cute and the ex will never notice.  *grins*


2 responses to “I didn’t …. did I???

  1. I hope whatever you ended up eating was delicious and that you had a great time.

  2. Thanks, Susan. We ended up eating at – Denny’s. *laughs*
    I had breakfast for Xmas dinner. *winks*
    It was ok – we had a good talk and always enjoy each others company (when he’s not making bj jokes *rolls eyes*)

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