Do ya see what I have to put up with???

Galen_and_kitty_1_1 Kitty pretending to ignore Galen while BOTH are pretending to ignore me trying to make the bed!

Ann, I got your tag.

*sticks out tongue at Ann and grins*

Paul, I still have to finish "That Damn Book" thing. *laughs* No, I didn’t forget.  I went to New York instead.

*doesn’t stick out tongue n grins*

Life is… on overdrive.  Molly is hanging in there and obviously not ready to go, Galen is injured (I’m becoming a regular at the Vet’s office it seems) and Kitty has been staying out all night.  I’ve almost got the tree up, had harsh words with the ex (no his blow job jokes do *not* make me want to curl my lips around his winkie!) *rolls eyes in wonder*, almost had a misunderstanding with another friend – who I think might get it now (I hope), spent 2 days preparing, then passing out food and toys to needy family’s, am having a MAJOR issue with the dealership I bought the girly-girl from, and had clients behaving like Phyllis Diller in SCREECH mode when they haven’t gotten their way. 

Other than that – life is good.

Or at least I’m not going to complain about it in this blog.

*quiet smile*


6 responses to “Do ya see what I have to put up with???

  1. Interesting how we keep certain parts of our life private despite all that we air. Your ex sounds like one that I used to have. And that is why they are exes.
    Hope your pets stop dragging you to the vet!

  2. That picture made me laugh outloud…Sounds like the passing things out thing was a great way to spend some time.
    Tis the season..and I can’t wait until it passes!

  3. Life as usual, right? Hope that things get better soon! eww to the ex..obvious why he is the ex. bleh. I love that photo!

  4. And, they wonder why they are “exes”…duh…
    Glad to hear Molly is still hanging in there…and fun to see Galen and Kitty playing around…

  5. Kitty looks pretty tolerant in this picture. Does she, after a bit, strike back?

  6. LOL.. as far as exes go, he’s not a bad dude.. Just a few issues … too many. *smiles* I do love him, I’m just not IN love with him! And.. yeah, his bj jokes just GOT to GO! He makes sexual jokes and all I visualize is how dysfunctional his current girlfriend is.. lol. Pretty much a MAJOR turn off. Not quite the image I think he wants me to have!
    Paul, Kitty is pretty calm and *waits* for his moments OR cries REALLY loud so his mommy will come scold Galen and remind him to play nice! (he does it on purpose and it’s way funny)

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