A note to Santa…


Dear Santa,

This year I have been … basically good. 

For the most part. 

Except for the times when I wasn’t.

Honorable mention in the good department, I’m pretty sure.

So, Santa, when you get past the checking your list, naughty and nice stuff, would you please note that by the end of Fall my bubble supply was truly running lowwwww.  Weak.  Almost non existent. 

I might be a little Sprite, but Santa, I NEED big bubbles.

Really, I do.

I’ll be better next year if you’ll remember my bubbles this year.

Really, I will.

Girls Scouts pinky promise, and all that stuff.

Happy Holidays and see you soon. (I hope *crosses fingers n grins*)



5 responses to “A note to Santa…

  1. As I recall, your bubbles were just fine when you visited…

  2. Bubbles…so what are the favorites for the bubbles???

  3. LMAO @ Paul!!! So you CHECKED out my BUBBLES, too???
    Sara, I don’t know if I have a favorite – but I love Milk baths, Lavender and Vanilla. Actually, I love just about all of it. Hey – I was getting ready to do Xmas cards.. and DON’T let me forget to give you my new mailing address. I dumped the old post office. Got tired of getting everyone else’s mail!

  4. Honey, how could I help but notice your bubbles??? They’re so… so… Perky!

  5. OMG! And THAT from a gay man?!?! I’m going to be LMFAO allll day long! You are just TOO much!! I get it.. you’re just being cute because you want me to give you the pharmacist, that’s it, isn’t it??? *gigglefest*

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