So today….

Roses Today was just as busy as every other day, except for I’m still moving a little in a bit of fogville brain wise unless, of course, it has to do with my work. 

With work I’m, shall we say, right on top of things, reading between the lines and, well, you know, just the casual leaping over tall buildings with a single bound stuff, sans the cape. (I really was too shy to wear that much red)

Truly, there’s no time to be blonde in my world.  It just happens and I’m never quite sure how it happens, it just does.  It’s not like I plan it or even try.  I certainly don’t go looking for it … and if you know me, you know I’m not an attention seeking source of blondness.

So, today, while having a pro bono client on the phone and needing to multi task since I’m not going to be paid a cent for the call, I took the client with me to run my errands at Costco. (*laughs* well, ok, my paying clients have been to Costco with me, too.  I take my clients with me where ever I go … and they know it.)

I’d had a flash of creative inspiration fill my mind earlier in the day, so I needed to pick up props for a photo shoot.  I’ve badly neglected the modeling side of my life – rather on purpose.  I’ve neither been inspired nor desired to pose or have my picture taken.  It just hasn’t been on the top 10 list of "appealing things to do" for me.

While at Costco I’d planned on picking up fresh roses as well.  My last batch of fall colored yellow and orange roses were currently talking to the trash bins outside, working their way toward the fragrance of mulch.  My crystal cut vases felt lonely and needed to be refilled.  That’s just not the kind of promise a girl can break, ya know?  I promised those vases fresh flowers, and fresh flowers they need to have!  To break in the beginning of Christmas season, I picked up two bunches of roses.  One red, one off white with pink lace trim.  I’m going to combine the two colors when I arrange them.

So… on my way out of Costco there’s generally a person at the door to check your receipt and mark it off as you leave.  Normally… normally ALWAYS there is a woman checking off and marking receipts as you leave.

Today there is a man.  This shouldn’t be a problem or make a bit of difference, or at least … one wouldn’t think so.

So, the door receipt checker at Costco is going over my receipt.  I only bought 3 items.  Really, how hard can it be?

Yet, this man is STILL holding on to my receipt and now a line is starting to build up behind me.  He’s looking intently at the receipt and the items purchased, looking at me, looking into the shopping cart I’m pushing with my purchases, then looks back at my receipt.  This double checking goes on for what seems like 5 minutes, although I know it had to be .. only a minute or two longer than it needed to be!

Truly, it’s not rocket science (although I do have a client that works for NASA – I could ask).  Count, one item, two items, THREE. 

Then, the door man speaks.  He has a voice to go with those gawker type eyes.

I know I must still be in fogville, because I am totally NOT prepared for what he says or that he has to say it LOUD enough for EVERYONE behind me in line to HEAR IT.

"Roses, more roses, … and a sheep skin rug.  I’m thinking there has to be champaign involved in this and one lucky man.  Am I close?"

Good Lord!

Aren’t the door people at Costco supposed to just CHECK the friggin receipts and not give a commentary???

*pretends not to blush, gathers receipt and in her best *you didn’t embarrass me voice says*, "So lucky he doesn’t even know it!"

Damn.. I was SO ready to get out of there!


The only wild sex going on at my house is apparently just with Galen’s toys.


And yes.. the floor is trashed.  Since Galen came into our lives, it’s a full time job just keeping the kitchen floor out of the, "did you just plant a garden in your kitchen?" zone. 


But I love the bugger anyway.


2 responses to “So today….

  1. Whoo hooo..wild pet toy sex. I bet you are going to get “Googled” for that one missy…
    It made me giggle.

  2. *laughs* So far, I’m in the clear, Ann! I thought you had to have wild sex comments in the title to draw the pervie patrol??? *grins and giggles with you*

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