The beginning of the end…

Jo A year ago, November 17th, was the day I found Jo propped up in bed, laying cautiously against her pillows, looking weary and too tired to move a muscle.

She was supposed to call me that morning to make sure I was up at the crack of dawn and whisk myself off to an Estate sale.  I’d found a pair of chairs the day before that, if the price was right, had her name on them.

Since I’m often up late, mornings aren’t always my specialty.  I wanted so very much to get these chairs for Jo, though, especially after seeing how my description of them made her face light up. I was so determined, I actually woke up on my own, without a wake up call or even the alarm!

I was surprised when my wake up call from Jo didn’t come (I’d laid in bed a few minutes, waiting for the phone to ring so I could tell her in my cheery morning voice, "Guess what, I’m UP!!" knowing that would make her giggle).   When no call came, I got out of bed, splashed water on my face, brushed my teeth and quickly dressed, hurrying so I could make sure I was early enough to get those chairs for her.


  I was able to buy the chairs – and Jo was thrilled.  It was also the day that brought the beginning of the end. 

Jo had had a small heart attack that night – only neither of us knew it or understood it.

In the days and weeks to follow we would go through doctor appointments, tests and hospital visits … all that led up to the final day – the day I lost her in January – a loss I’ve never quite gotten over…. and with the holidays coming I find myself visiting, all too often, the flow of tears that I wish would stop.

She was my mom.  She was my closest friend.  She was all I had.  I will always be grateful for every moment I had with her – and miss our silly laughter.


5 responses to “The beginning of the end…

  1. and more *hugs* from me.

  2. Your post brought tears to my was definitely straight from the heart. Thanks for sharing…I wish I was there to give you a real hug.

  3. It was the first time I met you online and I remember how sad you were then, my thoughts are with you now as they were then.
    Happy memories, cherish them.

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