Did I mention… National Eclair Day???

Chocolate_eclair Did I mention that on November 16th, when it occurred to me what November 17th was the anniversary of, that I casually, in a blonde sort of way, forgot I was *trying* to be a responsible adult and meander my way back to my former "healthy" diet?

I’m afraid I failed the "adult thing" in a way that only a true childlike blonde can manage when she’s either caught up in a pity party (table for one please) or listlessly fighting the surge of tears she doesn’t want to introduce her eyeballs to.

Lets just say that Thursday, November 16th shall now be remembered as National Eclair Day. 

I didn’t mean to, but – I sort of forgot to eat anything resembling adult food – and drowned my sorrows in the creamy-chocolate richness of eclairs.

All four of them.

And yes – I had a stomach ache that lasted for a day and I’m not in a hurry to eat another eclair – until next year around this time.


2 responses to “Did I mention… National Eclair Day???

  1. Sometimes, in spite of the tummy ache, chocolate is the ONLY thing. Hugs!

  2. I love eclairs…maybe that’s what I need right now hmmm…

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