Who said gossip???


Paul and I spent a leisurely Saturday afternoon strolling the pumpkin grounds under the comfort of an umbrella, enjoying the drizzling rain, people watching, being watched, and causing a wee bit of gossip that seemed to start upon my arrival.

Why not just add to it?? *grins*

We embraced all the music, crafts and vendor booths, food and festivities of the day. (Knitters Alert Paul bought a cap with flaps and I bought mittens that match it!!).

I ate chocolate and corn dogs (although not exactly at the same time… *grins*) and Paul took me out to dinner…. well, Paul took me out to dinner EVERY night that I was there!


I’m afraid Pumpkinville will never be quite the same.  Questions taunting their Pumpkinville minds…

"Who IS that girl?"

"Is she with HIM?"

"I thought he wasn’t THAT way"

Or, said best, by the boyfriend of one of Paul’s female friends when we ran into them while out to dinner on Friday, "WTF is up with THAT?"

*giggles with glee*

Isn’t creating gossip fun???


Death to old rumors and on to the new! Yay for Pauly and I!!

Pumpkinville, USA was the perfect outing for a Sprite who’s just getting back out into the world after years of hibernation.


Pumpkinville fun.


5 responses to “Who said gossip???

  1. Hehehehe…
    It was such a fun weekend. I’ll never have as much fun in Pumpkinville as I’ve had this year. Thanks, Hon!

  2. Sure you will, hon… don’t think “never” … not ever. *grins*
    I had a totally great time .. and great times are meant to be had – by both of us, during the oncoming days. It’s not a secret project reserved just for me! *big hugs .. love you, sweetie*
    btw… thanks for straightening out my Pharmacist flub .. lol!

  3. PAULY IS THAT WAY???? So these marriage proposals I have been sending his way…sobbing..you can’t be serious!!?!?!?!?

  4. *rolls eyes at Ann*

  5. I know just what you mean, Ann! It was such a shock to me, too! *giggles*

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