.And then it hit me…


I needed chocolate!

After dropping our pumpkins off to begin their own little pumpkin lives, I found myself feeling a bit of the Empty Nest Syndrome.

Paul, being the totally understanding soul that he is, whisked me across the street to this wonderful little candy store tucked away in a beautiful old Victorian building. 


The sound of antique door bells hung on a string, tinkle as you open the door and enter into a world of CHOCOLATE.

It’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air … and knowing sex just isn’t that important … for the next 15 minutes.


The Candy Store Lady had the cutest Halloween treats, too.  Bags of jellybeans, colorful bats, and gummy vampire teeth that make a perfect accent to any Halloween martini!   

They sure didn’t have treats like that when I was a kid.  We just got the plain old Carmel apples, popcorn balls and hot chocolate. *laughs*   

Yeah, those were the days before we had to worry about people sticking razor blades into apples and doing all sorts of other inhumane things.

My mom used to stress over doing a mini haunted house through our entry way.  It was pretty cool…  come to think of it… who knew my mom was Halloween cool?!  I’ll have to ask my siblings if they remember.  *smiles*


Needless to say, Paul made me eat a TON of chocolate.  Made Me!  Said I couldn’t go home without it!

And the Candy Lady’s twin brother?  Wellll… he said I light up the room.  *grins*

Paul says he says that to everyone.


I was just thinking it was a good sales pitch, and he was wanting me to buy more chocolate!

*playful blonde smile*New_york_trip_0131_1


3 responses to “.And then it hit me…

  1. MADE you eat a ton of chocolate? MADE YOU??? That’s kinda like saying I MADE you blonde… Or I MADE you female. Or I MADE you breathe…. LOL!!!!!! I’m loving your recaps on your trip. Makes me smile!

  2. Holy crap I could almost smell that chocolate reading your post! It looks so darn yummy…

  3. LOL .. Pauly! Yes, you made me eat all that chocolate!! Don’t you remember??? Did the shock from almost cutting your thumb off freeze up your brain??? *giggles* (notice I haven’t mentioned the hole in the knee of my jeans – yet…*grins*)
    Ann, I got hungry doing that post. Worse, I’m REALLY trying to get back on track and back on my medical diet. *yawns* I’d so give anything for a cafe mocha and a half dozen truffles at the moment. *big hugs to you, hon*

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