You can’t rain on my parade…

Parade_3 After a hard night of pumpkin carving a girl like me is prepared to sleep in.  After all, I need my beauty rest – or something like that.

It seemed I’d barely had time to roll over, I know I certainly hadn’t had time enough to properly snore (ha! like I’d ever even admit it *IF* I ever did snore in real life!), when I was ever so rudely woken up by happy, excited shouts and gleeful greetings being tossed back and forth to what seemed to be a large crowd of people.  I could hear horns horning and drums druming in my foggy, *it’s way too early in the morning* haze.

Parade_1_1 My first thought was, "ohhh that damnnn gourd of Paul’s.  He’s invited half the neighborhood over and they’ve partied all night!"

I just knew the kitchen was going to be a mess!

Instead, I found Paul hanging out the open living room window taking pictures of the Pumpkin Festival Parade as it was passing by.


The fact that mother nature had decided to rain on their parade, stopped these people – Not one bit! 

Young and old, big and small, all accessorized with the latest in umbrella colors, slickers and puddle wear, waved greetings and shouted gleefully for all to hear.

Although  …  There was a slight *cough and gasp* right after a happy student shouted, "Hi Mr. Paul," at the same time as I had stuck my sleepy blonde head out of his open living room window, wanting to witness all the joyful clatter passing by on the street below us. 

Ahhhh… but what’s a trip to New York without a little gossip???   Kinda like going to Vegas, isn’t it??? *grins*


It rained, it didn’t rain … it rained some more. The sun tried to shine, the clouds took over, and yet … the parade continued on.

Everyone seemed determined to not let a little soggy weather dampen their spirits – and I so agreed.  Parade_6_2

A little rain should never stop an umbrella from meeting it’s weather….  or something in that line of thinking.


I have to admit – I LOVE this kind of small town homeyness.  Not that I don’t love a big city parade as well (stops to think if she’s ever even seen a big city parade…)– but I truly love the simplicity and creativeness of a small town budget.  I’m just not the complicated city girl some would like to pretend that I am. lol

This parade came complete with fun, gaiety, local protests, and even a campaign slogan or two. (don’t forget to vote!)


I think this is one of the guy’s that had been partying with Paul’s gourd the night before. 

*innocent blonde look*


Or not… lol.  But I almost thought he looked familiar!

Oh wait…. that was MY date, not the gourds!!!

How easily we forget after a night of pumpkin carving and being on a chocolate and sugar high. 

And here I was so willing to blame the gourd!

*poker face innocent blonde look n grins*



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