Only a Pumpkin Nose….

Pumpkin_carving_6_1 While my pumpkin was sitting up for the first time, right after her nose job and dental surgery,  Paul hardly noticed, and was giving his total time and attention to bringing a gourd to life.

He mentioned something about needing more purple paint for his gourd’s helmet.

*blank blonde look*

I had No idea that gourds played …  football!

Pumpkin_carving_7_3 After a lot of thoughtful detail, Paul finished with his gourd just in time to witness the results of my pumpkin’s hair transplant. 

As you can tell by the expression on his face, Paul’s gourd is a very happy gourd!  It was wonderful how he got along with everyone.

My pumpkin is still a little dazed as she was recovering from a major nose job that had happened only minutes  before her hair transplant surgery.  I’m totally proud of the way she held up, though.  She was such a trooper and very determined to see the night through.  I also noticed that, as groggy as she was from all of the carving and implant surgery, she seemed to have an innate curiosity about the happy little gourd and was eager to make friends.  Isn’t it just great when everyone gets along???


Paul’s happy little gourd wasn’t much interested in my pumpkin, though, and started up a healthy conversation with a local Rock Star Pumpkin that had stopped by to ask for directions to the festival.

New_york_trip_006 Shortly after looking into the HUGE Wide eye’s of Paul’s pumpkin, my pumpkin soon forgot about her gourd rejection and it was Pumpkin at First Sight for them.

The gourd seemed to still want to be friends with everyone and was constantly inviting other pumpkins over.  We were a little worried about who would be there when we woke up in the morning.

We left the kids to get to know each other better, and promised the two big pumpkins that, if they were good, they could attend the festival with us on Saturday and possibly make new friends.


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