Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater…

Pumpkin_festivle_fixedThe end of October I found myself in New York, but not the City.

I had a totally awesome, FUN time with Paul at a local Pumpkin Festival.  Paul wasn’t sure how he’d feel about going to the Pumpkin Festival, being previously not a fan  of Halloween and all things Pumpkin Festival-y.   So, in true Sprite fashion, I set out to reform his restricted thinking with my infectious need to experience this local pumpkin ritual.


Now, I know most people, when they go to New York, think all City like, and I want that to be my next New York trip … but Upstate New York was far from a disappointment and not close to being City like!  In fact, for my first trip to New York in way over a decade – or two,- it was just what the doctor ordered!

Although Paul made me stay up late EVERY night that I was there – wayyy past my bed time, and he hardly let me sleep at all – it was a totally relaxing trip. The kind I need WAY more of!

*straight faced, "omg I told a lie," blonde look* 

(but I’m not lying about how great the trip was!  lol)


2 responses to “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater…

  1. MADE you stay up? I thought it was because you were still on west coast time, and being blonde….. Well, I don’t think I need to say any more.
    I was one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in forever, and thank you so much for reforming my restricted thinking… LOL!

  2. West Coast time?? Wat THAT it??? Why didn’t you SAY so?! *grins*
    You KNOW I’m teasing you! And, maybe I’ll just add to the gossip … the way you kept me up all night! *grins n winks*

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