Let the carving begin…

New_york_trip040 Paul, although hesitant at first, was totally ready to begin his pumpkin carving adventure after our grocery shopping spree. 

Really, he was. 

I didn’t have to threaten him with bodily harm or anything. lol  He had something far, far better.


New_york_trip038 Once I had cut the top of my pumpkin off, I was farrrr less enthusiastic about gutting the dang thing until Paul produced these gloves for me to wear. 

Really, it’s all yucky and squishy in there! 

My perfectly manicured Halloween nails soooo did not want to touch that pumpkin goo!!  lol 

Paul got all Martha Stewart like and insisted we save the pumpkin seeds so that we could bake them and eat them later.  He also teased me quite a bit about what a girly-girl I was wearing my pretty pink gloves (that belonged to HIM) … and, ummm… I think there were a dozen other girly type things he happened to find the need to tease me about as well.  *grins at Paul*   It’s ok…. I’m pretty sure I got even.  *big grin*


See how my hands are perfectly unscathed, still all manicured and pretty (for a pretty as black nail polish can be ..lol). 

Note how there’s not even a little chip in my nail polish and my hands are still in tac?  No missing fingers.. not a knick or a scratch??

edit: (just the scariest halloween hands award – no injuries though!)


My poor, dear sweet Pauly wasn’t quite so fortunate as I.

*sober straight faced blonde look*

See how he almost cut his thumb off???

Paul drew first blood of the Pumpkin Carving Jamboree he and I held in his kitchen.  We patched him up with a sturdy band-aid, though, and he was right back in there putting the meticulous finishing touches on his pumpkin!


Isn’t Paul’s pumpkin Wayyyy Cute???

My what BIG eyes you have my dear…

This pumpkin was my pumpkin’s date to the pumpkin festivities.


My pumpkin getting all mouthy and preparing for her nose job.


3 responses to “Let the carving begin…

  1. Sounds like New York State and visiting Paul was just what you needed…loved all the photos and the neat travelog…great stuff

  2. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater…I am so jealous of all this fun!

  3. OMG! I can’t stop laughing. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!
    And yeah, pumpkin seeds…. They’re still in the bowl in the fridge – unbaked (do you think it’s too late??). Martha would bitch-slap me, I’m sure. Which is ok, and long as she’s not wearing the fugly poncho….

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