First stop… The Grocery Store…

My flight arrived on time … and there was Pauly to pick me up all bright and sunny faced.  Yay! 

We collected my luggage (packing skills being something I might need to improve on, but his vehicle was big enough to hold everything) and I introduced Paul to Joe, my now non claustrophobic travel companion, who happened to be flying in the same direction as I was.  Then Paul and I found his car, parked some where in the North Forty … (but he armed me with MITTENS!!!) and headed out to the exciting Upstate, New York grocery store… because EVERYONE needs to find a grocery store when they first arrive in New York.  Don’t they? 

*straight faced blonde look*

While grocery shopping Paul and I couldn’t help but think of Ann.  We really wanted her to be here with us (threesomes are always so much fun) but Ann mentioned something droll, like needing to be with her children or her husband wouldn’t let her come have fun. 

*winks n grins*

Since Ann couldn’t be with us, and grocery shopping is nevahhhhh boring with a Sprite, I took a couple of pictures to highlight the experience so we could share with Ann…. and the rest of you. *grins*



3 responses to “First stop… The Grocery Store…

  1. Ann…. If you read this before Monday morning, PLEASE, CALL FOR HELP! PLEASE!!!! Grocery shopping has never been this, ummm, odd??? Oh, and we saw those little white pastry things with the little faces on them and thought of you. OH, and I’ve never been made to violate a gourd in all my life! And no, Ann, I never wanted to in the first place, either. Now stop laughing and call for help before Sprite come to your hometown to grocery shop with you…….

  2. Oh puh– know that you two are both loving this. Never gourds eh? How about cucumbers?
    You two are a HOOT!

  3. Hmm which cucumbers are better, the long English ones or the short fatty ones LOL. Inquiring minds want to know.
    Sprite I sure hope he took you to Weggies! They have the awesomest cheese dip OMG it is to die for.

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