A New York beginning…

New_york_trip054_2 As with all of my travels this fall, I’ve met some fun and interesting people on my way to see fun and interesting people.

Traveling from California to New York I sat next to a claustrophobic Joe, and a highly tech savvy Susan.  By the time we reached Atlanta for our connecting flights Joe was no longer claustrophobic. 

Did I mention both Susan and I were blondes?  lol


And THESE are the feet of the MEANEST Stewardess in the ENTIRE Universe ~~~~~> Truly, I’m not in a hurry to EVER fly Delta again. *grins*


4 responses to “A New York beginning…

  1. Why wouldn’t she be mean? LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!!!!

  2. You had to fly from California to Atlanta to get to NY???
    When we lived in Florida – we always had to go through Atlanta…I often said that if you were going to hell – you’d still have to go through Atlanta.

  3. Enjoy your stay, hope we get to see more pictures.

  4. OMG Hotlanta, bless your heart honey. OMG evil stewardesses; look at those shoes; did she steal them from the wicked witch LOL, oh wait maybe she was dressed for Halloween. Traveling Amtrak once I was lucky to get the Nazi Gestapo women, yeah she was mean alright.

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