The Nail Nazi’s Revenge…

Black_nails By the way…

The Nail Nazi didn’t shoot me… instead she got revenge and painted my nails BLACK!

*laughs at self*

I am like, sooooo trying to … adjust to this little … black twist.

After all, tis the season, Halloween time and all  … and The Nail Nazi tells me that all the Hollywood types are sporting black nails these days …  (ummmm… I’m supposed to care what they wear in Hollywood???)

*confused blonde look and grins*


Ok, ok… I got used to red… but black???


5 responses to “The Nail Nazi’s Revenge…

  1. Love the nails!!! So cool! I think it’s great to “be in fashion for the season”. Happy Halloween!!!!

  2. Mine will be orange for Halloween — how’s that as fodder for the nail Nazi’s? (Right now they are sporting a fresh, mid-week coat of raspberry for parent-teacher conferences tomorrow.)

  3. The nails look sexy

  4. groovy look. So Halloween

  5. I say, paint Pauly’s nails orange when you are there and trick or treat your butts off!
    Have a great trip.

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