I so love it when…

I so love it when mother earth washes the air and gives everything else a bath.
I took these the other day and then, yay! We had more rain this morning.

Galen loves it, Molly hates it. Kitty looks at me like, “what IS that!”

And so goes the world according to blonde.

Today is a root lady day to ensure that I’m more blonde than gray. (pesky little gray things. Where did they come from? I’m SURE they’re NOT supposed to be on MY head… lol)

It’s a battle. So far the blondes are winning.

*grins* Posted by Picasa


2 responses to “I so love it when…

  1. What a marvelous way you have about you, Sprite. Truly. I’m not one for reading others’ journals or diaries, but your daily entries reveal much of you.. which clearly is a genuinely warm, approachable human being. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve been coming back to read you for a few days now. I am reading this recent posting with great amusement, and I am prompted to share my own hair color with you. First of all, it’s very long, with bangs, and very straight… and totally silver white. Why not give those pesky grays a chance? I will admit silver makes a grand entrace in basic black and I’ve been mistaken for a…well..platinum blonde *GRINS back at Sprite* Thing is…after reading a few of your postings, I almost find myself wondering if I, myself, didn’t write them. Perhaps we are kindred blonde spirits, hmm?

  2. Thank you, Adonaise, it’s always so sweet of you to say so. I still have a hard time imagining my blog being interesting for anyone else to read!As to the gray, well, I’m thinking I’m just going to have to say *no* for now. lol When the time is right, I’ll know, but the time is not now. Although I have gray, I don’t have enough to *make the switch*. lol I have just enough to be annoying. I’m hoping I have my Irish Grandmothers color of gray.. it was very pretty and distinguished. So far, *crosses fingers*, it looks like I could be headed that way.Have a great day!

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