A Montana Story Interruption…

We interrupt this Montana Story to bring you a Galen Announcement.

This morning at the vet’s office (Molly had her teeth done), my little man had a quick check up.

Galen, at just barely 6 months, is officially weighing in at 75 lbs.!! He’s packed on 15 lbs. since we left for Montana! (He did outgrow his kennel while we were gone. One of the first things I did after I got back to get him a new kennel.)

On another breaking news front story, I was also bitten by the neighbors POODLE!


Mean little s%cker.

He tried to attack me THREE times. Very odd experience, being attacked by a Bijon Poodle while his owner is standing there swearing at him in Spanish, threatening him with her slipper!

Like he noticed HER slipper while he was charging at MY legs trying to bite me!!! It was obvious this wasn’t the first time she’d taken her slipper off to threaten Fluffy. They didn’t have him on a leash and obviously have NO control over that dog! ( mean little beast)

I’m ok, he just bruised me. Mostly I was doing, what I thought was a fairly coordinated “avoiding a dog bite dance,” until the next day I noticed I had some how ended up with a sprang ankle to sport with my bruised shin.


6 responses to “A Montana Story Interruption…

  1. OMG! Look how big the bot is! And he’s really turning into a handsome young man.I’m not a big fan of poodles, though. I’m sure now that you aren’t either…

  2. I know, hon.. he’s HUGE. And then there are times that he can curl up in a ball and still seem to small and he still has that “puppy explore the world” personality. He’s a good boy, but, at times, a handful.

  3. That cannot be Galen! He’s huge! Oh..mercy!!! But, he is such a handsome boy!!!It’s always those little F’ing small dogs that bite…

  4. I know what you mean, Sara, I sometimes think it can’t be him either. I meant to put a link to show him a few months ago, but it was late and I’ve been so busy catching up again.THAT Poodle needs to be FIXED, then SHOT. He’s eaten up the ladies shoes, furniture and inside of the house. Now he wants to eat me?? No freaking way! They got a BIG warning for that little incident. My thing is, what if it hadn’t been me, but one of the kids walking by? Not good. Not good at all!How ya been? I’ve got to get over to your neck of the woods and see what’s knittin’. *grins*

  5. You were bit by a poodle? A freaking poodle? You should have sprinkled a little pixie dust on him 🙂

  6. *grins* .. yes .. a freaking poodle! A poodle I’ve rescued TWICE when he’d gotten away from his owners. Ungrateful wretch! Something not quite right with that dog, especially the way he literally kept trying to attack me! I shouldn’t have worried about hurting him and just given him a good soccer kick! He wasn’t exactly a *little* poodle. Probably weighed a good 35-40 lbs. or more. I’m gonna have to get my magic wand and pixie dust tuned up for quick action if I’m going to have to be fighting off poodles!

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