I am….

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I am …
wiped out
worn out to my very
blonde bones.

I over did it, I pushed too hard, I tried to make up for too much lost time from work while I was in Montana without connections. I didn’t allow myself enough rest time yesterday/last night.

I tried to be a Super Sized Sprite instead of my normal size two.

I woke up to catch my flight to Florida.

I felt weak.

I passed out.

… and then … by the time I recovered … it was too late to catch my flight, which required a 3 hour drive to get to the airport.

(next time I’m going to be a smarter blonde girl and get a hotel room in the area for the night before)

I’d be more mad at myself (I know … my grammar … but my brain is MIA at the moment and the rest of me is over tired and shaky from … forgetting to eat) if it weren’t for the simple fact that my getting out and exploring the world with more consistency the way I have these past several months is a part of the miracle of my life. Of the recovery of my life. It’s a beginning I plan to see succeed.

I have to look at the positive, because the negative will only defeat progress of my future goals … and I choose to only succeed.

It’s so important to look within and put your focus on what you *can,* do not what you can’t do! Negative thinking only leads to more negative thinking and there is never any victory in anything negative. It’ll only wear out your brain.

More Montana and the Florida mis-adventure, the rude United Customer Service rep that now has a note in his files, the six hours of back and forth phone calls to get a new reservation made and United’s apology after I get some serious rest. Can you believe after ALL THAT my work night ended with a client I had previously blocked for harassment somehow getting through to me JUST to be rude and harass me AGAIN?


I need to have a long term engagement with my bed.

Nighters all.



8 responses to “I am….

  1. Oh Sprite, I do hope some serious rest has restored your fine self!

  2. Hopefully you got some serious rest!

  3. Sprite! You have to take care of yourself. No more passing out due to lack of food / sleep. You read me?!

  4. Sprite..do you need some serious butt kicking?Rest my friend..the bubble bath looks wonderful!


  6. Thanks, everyone!Susan and Sara, I’m pacing myself and just being really laid back…taking things slow and easy. *hugs*Devorah? You aren’t going to send me to the Principles office, are you??? *ducks and goes to look for food*Ann??? Ummm… I’m gonna hide my butt from you before I have a foot imprint! LOL The bubble bath was wonderful. I’m doing another tonight. Hey… you guys have tea swaps, knitter swaps and all those secret swaps, does anyone have a Best Bubbles, Bath Swap??? *grins n hugs*And, Brain? Well, what do I say to that? From your lips to God’s ears??? It’s been a while since I’ve met anyone that made me say, “Ohhhh yeahhhh.. or YUM!” I almost had an honorable mention once. Does that count?? *grins n winks*

  7. Hi ya, Sprite! Just browsing through blogs and I came across yours. What type of work do you do in which a client would feel compelled to harass you like that? You seem very sweet and approachable. I can’t imagine anyone have a communication breakdown with you. It’s very comfy here and you openly invite readers to view your thoughts and feelings in an open book. I feel as if I know you very well and I just read this one posting.

  8. Welcome, Adonaise, and what a nice thing to say!!I work in the healing industry, if one might call it that. I try and help people understand what is going on in their lives and empower them to move forward via the route of healing into the hands of happiness.Unfortunately, not everyone I work around sits in the hands of God’s love and light, and as it ends up, it’s been strongly suggested that a not so nice colleague may have been behind the whole thing. *sighs* I may write about it later.

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