So many forms of beauty

To me, the rolling hills and wide open spaces ring of freedom – independence.

I’ll have to finish this later though – I’m on my way to Florida and I haven’t finished with Montana… lol… and I have to finish packing. But my friend tells me I’ll only need to bring enough clothes to be naked. lol Apparently the weather is really WARM with humidity.

I’ll finish Montana and add Florida – later. *hugs* Posted by Picasa


3 responses to “So many forms of beauty

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your traveloge and look forward to seeing the one from Flordia. Have a great time!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip, and all the awesome pictures! Great posts!

  3. Thanks Paul and Devorah, I totally appreciate the feedback. I started to feel kind of shy about it after a while – like, TMI and does anyone even like to read this stuff. I’m not a confident writer, I just write, but not always well. For all I know I’ve put atleast 1000 people to sleep. *yawns n grins*I haven’t brought you back from Montana yet – and then today – I MISSED my flight to Florida. Boyyy do I have.. blog. *tired smiles from longass day*

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