Smokey the Bear Must be MAD as H%LL

The Closer I got to Montana, the more a grayish smothering fog mixed in with the over weight, billowing clouds that were threatening to spit out more rain, but not quite making it.

The entry to Montana always makes me think, “Ya know, this really is a beautiful state,” and I totally missed the “WELCOME TO MONTANA” road sign this time.


I’m not sure if I blinked or was just blonde. Or … if something happened to it.

The first part of the state was smothered with SMOKE which isn’t exactly on the *Top Ten Fun Things* for a girl who is allergic to smoke! ackkkkk!!!!

I stopped in Dillon, Montana to freshen myself up with a nice chocolatey cappuccino that’s neither on my medical diet nor that I should be drinking , but.. hell.. I want to anyway… and it’s CHILLY outside! Now THAT’S a Prime Time Excuse – and I’m *buying it!*

Ok… actually *I* didn’t buy the cappuccino.

Some nice man in line behind me bought it while I was asking questions about the air quality and, btw… could I get directions to the nearest drugstore. (I was having a hard time breathing and needed to pick up some allergy pills)

*blonde grins*

No one mentioned fires and SMOKE to me when I was getting ready to leave on this trip.

Dillon, MT is where I found out that the SMOKE had drifted in from forest fires near or around the area. Not sure which forest or where – no one said and I forgot to check into it.

The further North I drove, the more I left the SMOKE behind me. THANK God! (really, I mean that! THANK YOU GOD!)

*sigh of relief*

I swear, if I hadn’t been surrounded by mountains, rolling hills and clean country side, I would have thought I was still at home choking on our crummy air – or worse – in LA.

The above pictures are getting close to the Montana border… and show the SMOKE Smog that dared enter my former home state while I was visitng.

I’m having a discussion with Smokey the Bear later. He has some explaining to do!

How dare they have a forest fire when I’m coming home! lol

*rolls eyes at self, frowns at Smokey*

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2 responses to “Smokey the Bear Must be MAD as H%LL

  1. I’m loving the details of your road trip…I can’t imagine taking photos like that while driving along…you do well….

  2. Thanks, Sara… I’m never sure how it’ll come out or be received. Sometimes I’m just my silly self with it – and sometimes I feel shy about it, so it’s so nice to hear you are enjoying it! *hugs*

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