Pocatello or BUST

Ya, know… if ya say that really slow, it almost sounds nasty.. lol

However, the only nasty thing I had to deal with was staying awake LONG enough to get to Pocatello, Idaho. Earlier in the evening I’d originally planned on staying in Twin Falls, Idaho and even phoned my oldest sister (who’s now speaking to me after a 6 month hiatus – *smiles at the reason why… I still LOVE my sister*) and had her google for PET FRIENDLY Hotels in Twin Falls.

Luckily there were several, because it’s getting late and I’m was way due to get out from behind the wheel and spend some time NOT driving. *tired smiles*

Unluckily, there was not ONE Pet Friendly room available in ALL of Twin Falls – except for in a Motel that I wouldn’t dream of myself OR the Ark Kids staying in. We don’t do fleas!!

Apparently I’d happened upon Twin Falls during a rare convention, out of town travelers and construction workers. No one was quite sure why every hotel in town was full – it never usually happened that way (their words, not mine). *laughs*

The Twin Falls Red Lion Inn was really nice – and I suspect felt a little sorry for me – and phoned their closest location to see if they had any Pet Friendly rooms left. Everything else within a 50 mile radius was full!!


The other Red Lion had room!

Yes, they’ll hold a room for me.

It’s kind of a good news, bad news sort of deal though. It’s 9:45 pm and I’ve got a 3 hour drive in front of me to get to Pocatello before I can rest for the night AND I need to stop and get something – anything – to eat. I’m starving!!

Ummm… and did I mention, night driving’s not my best gig? I get halo reflections from oncoming headlights. *sighs* (it happened after my eye surgeries in 2002 – I was basically almost legally blind before then, and had cataract surgery which helped immensely, except for halos with night driving. And YES, I know I had surgery done at an early age (45). TRUST ME.. I’ve SOOOO heard that one a dozen times. People forget… I almost died, too!)

Ok… off the pity and back to good news.

With the girly-girl SUV I sit up high enough in traffic that I’m really not having a really hard time with the halo affect in oncoming traffic. Coool! Night driving, though not perfect, has never been easier since the eye surgery!! The other thing I have going for me is that my headlights ROCK!

They light up everything!!

I think my dims must be close to a regular car’s bright, because oncoming traffic keeps flicking their lights at me like I’ve left my lights on bright. Sorry guys…

Long story short it was 4 a.m. before I got to bed that night. By the time I got all the Ark Kids settled in, exercised, and fed, and then pulled up work on my laptop. There were problems with the hotel’s wireless connection and I had to call tech support for their service and subject my tired self to a really rude, probably squinty eyed, 4 ft. tall mean dwarf. I bet he even had rotten buck teeth.

Oh … did I mention that, during the entire trip, where ever I had cell reception I was also working and dealing with clients?? *big grins* I love my job – I’m still the only girl I know that can work while she shops. *blue eyed innocent look*

Fortunately for me, it decided to hold off on torrential rain until I was on the road the next morning – which was really closer to noon but around eleven. (well, I did need some rest!)

I only had one strange encounter in Pocatello. An over friendly biker dude, who was actually a businessman in disguise, letting his wild side out on a Harley road trip. Nice looking dude. I still kept my distance. lol

(Yes, Paul, you would have liked this one. *grins*)

But, I can’t help but wonder… what do those Harley dudes do with all those hummingbird size suicide bomber bugs that head straight for the windshield? Do they eat them?

I did see one wayyy scary looking biker dude on the way home. Looked like he was trying out for a part in Pulp Fiction. The all leather, including the mask part. Granted, I could totally see the need of that outfit, with the road bugs and all… but I still gave him a really, really w-i-d-e berth!


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