Mapquest Road Trip Route…. or close enough..

Mapquest says this route takes 21 hours 21 minutes.

I think they forgot to allow for potty breaks, a puppy (albeit a BIG puppy), a dog and a cat, construction and wild west weather elements.

Several years ago I drove straight through with my brother, Bob, (who has since passed away from heart failure at the early age of 50 – it was crazy because he was in such great shape!).

Back then, we made the trip in 24 hours. We drove like hell, too. He barely let me stop to peeeeeeee.

I had driven up to visit my family during the early days and onset of being seriously ill (1992-93 – somewhere in that time frame) and I ended up being too weak to get myself back to California, so my big brother helped drive me home and flew back to Montana.


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