Everything but the kitchen sink…

I’m pretty sure I packed everything but the kitchen sink. And a lot of things I never used, looked at or even thought of wearing since the *hot* weather I was told that held Montana hostage was no where to be found during my entire trip. I could have frozen my little butt off if I hadn’t been a smart little *former* Montana girl and packed a few warm things. I experienced high winds, heavy rain, and the first snow of the season. There was No warm weather any where in sight. lol

Molly and Kitty are seasoned travelers and took the trip with ease, just glad to be where ever I was. Galen, on the other hand, had a mind of his own. This was his first road trip, and although he kenneled and overall traveled very well, he had a bit of A.D.D. when it came time to do the roadside potty and pee business. OMG could that dog get distracted and forget what he needed to do! I’d load him back up in his kennel (which he out grew on our trip – afterall he is my little weed), and about 30 minutes later he’d be whining in his true, baritone disgruntled male puppy voice that he Wanted Out – NOW! He Needed Out – NOW! lol

He was a challenge, but I’m going to keep him. *sighs* Posted by Picasa


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