Road trip shopping…

So, like, I bought a few cd’s.

Not all the ones I would have liked to… but what I could find.

The fun thing is that it’s all new to me now.

*relaxes and grins*

I never thought that would be fun, because I’ve been so musically challenged for the past several years. (a story I’ll tell later…)

So… my cd buying list included:

Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together”
New Wave Club Hit’s of the 80’s
Cocteau Twins, “Head Over Heels”
Keane, “Under the Iron Sea”
Billie Holiday, “Classic American Voices”
Bach – Super Hits
Beethoven – Symphones #5 & #7
Franz Ferdinand, “Franz Ferdinand”
Gorillaz, “Demon Days”
Dave Matthews Band, “Everyday”
John Coltrane – Greatest Hits
Sarah McLachlan, “Surfacing”
Sade, “Best of Sade”

That ought to give me some … diversity and good listening for my road trip. There were some others that I wanted, but I couldn’t find them. (was also interested in a couple Tom suggested, but they weren’t available – at least not where I was)

Thanks, Tom, Brian, and Paul for your help and suggestions. And Duane? I wish I would have had your list.

And… just one more thought before I close and get my butt in bed.

Damn cd’s can get expensive!! Holy Shite!!!

I need to stand on a street corner with one of those signs that says, “Will Work For CD’S”.  Posted by Picasa


2 responses to “Road trip shopping…

  1. That’s an awesome list of CD’s Hon! Have a great rip, drive safely, and sing along!

  2. Thanks, Paul.. I’m glad you approve! *grins at my sing a long* Hopefully the 4 legged kids won’t either, insist on singing with me or worse… rebelling because I AM singing!!

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