So picture this…

If you’ve read anything recently in my journal at all, there’s one thing you know about me right now and that’s that I’m busy, right?

I’m wayyyy busy.

I’m *don’t stress yourself out, deep cleansing breathes* kind of busy.

*stops thinking and remembers to breathe*

So, picture this.

Yesterday, running a million errands. Or was it a million and one?

Last minute stops and preparations for my road trip, fielding work calls and clients the entire time, occasionally stopping to put out a fire. (ie: unexpected issue that’s begun to look like a dragon snorting fire out it’s nose)

I’ve run all my local errands except the dry cleaners, then am headed out to the near by city to finish with more errands and my monthly dye job that ensures my roots match my brain. *lopsided grin*

I’d stopped by my physical therapist office really quick to see if there was any way he could fit me in for a last minute session, but the office was closed. On my way back to my car, in my “I don’t see you” rush, a very suit and tie type polished business man, just getting out a shiny new silver Audi is gawking at me like I’m…. breakfast. (it was to early for lunch)

Naturally, I pretend I don’t notice, pass by with the polite hi, jump in the girly-girl Rav, and am on my way.

Next stop, the dry cleaners. I jump out of the Rav and am booking it in to the cleaners, my last stop here, then off to my next appointment.

I have long legs which enable me to walk fast.

I know how to walk.


With long strides at a steady quick pace, on my way in to the cleaners, I feel something funny. Something tapping me as I walk. Like something is hanging off of my top.

That’s odd.

I’m wearing a rose colored lace cami. There are no bows or strings… or anything else to hang.

Unless your strap has broken.

*blank blonde look*

I look down and … O-M-G … we’re talking MAJOR wardrobe malfunction. Nothing was showing but wayyy too much left boob, with the lace part of the cami being dangerously close to the part of a breast one would rather not show in public. *sighs*

Fortunately for me the lady working at the dry cleaners rescued me. She stuck me in the employee bathroom and I handed my top out the door so she could repair the traitor broken strap.

In all the flurry, rush, and wardrobe malfunction I made it to my appointment on time… but it did cut into a few errands I would have liked to have gotten done yesterday.

For today …. well, lets just say Galen is being the puppy from hell. I’ve been so busy and he’s making a point of letting me know *HE WANTS ATTENTION*. He’s behaving very male like. *laughs*

To start the morning out, for breakfast, Galen ate my prescription glasses that I use for reading and night driving.

For lunch he dug a hole in my front flower garden and then barked for me to come see. *sighs* Definitely showing the signs of a problemed child when he doesn’t get the attention he wants.

Granted, on Galen’s behalf… the past couple of days, he has gotten short changed. I guess he’s made up for that. I must get the bad dogmom of the year award.
*blank look*


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