Be careful what you ask for…

Sometimes God does for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

With all the driven push in my life to *get caught up*, traveling, and keeping my head clear and level for work, I’ve needed a break.

A rest.

To get swallowed up in some heavy duty serenity.

Just yesterday, amidst a deliberate, focused, deep cleansing breath session after a particularity tough client, I’d said, “I need a flower day soon.” (blonde translation: “I need a day tinkering in my potted garden.”)

Well, God must have heard me. lol

Last night my hotwater heater went out. I ended my tilt-a-whirl day with a shower that was so tepidly warm it had a chill to it. *sighs*

Granted, I wanted a flower day, but truly… not this way. Not when I’m so busy and trying SO hard to get everything done.

What does a hotwater heater going out have to do with a flower day, you might ask?


The hotwater heater is enclosed in a closet on my back patio. Did I mention my back patio is FULL of potted plants? I will have to do some MAJOR moving things around in order for the maintemance man to be able to work on the hotwater heater.

*laughs at the irony of it all*

Oh well… when life deals you lemons … make lemonade.

It’ll be good for me to catch up on my gardening as well.

I love getting lost in my flowers and plants.

It fills my soul with a deep gratitude for life … it swallows me up with serenity.


2 responses to “Be careful what you ask for…

  1. I call those mental health days…time away from it all to do what I want to do..I think I am long overdue for one of those…

  2. By the looks of my garden, Ann, I am longgggg overdue, to. Maybe we should hook up with Susan and go see those Clydesdales! lol

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