Did you bring the gift back??? huh???

I have a tendency to lean toward Lancome makeup and mascara and am fond of their moisture lotion. Like most cosmetic lines, I love some of their products and can be so-so about the rest of it.

During my quest to remain a Sun Goddess without the warming rays of the sun this summer, I let myself be talked into giving the Lancome Self Tanning product another try.

The sales associate reassured me it was better than last year (which sooo didn’t impress me) and that if I didn’t like it there was absolutely no problem returning it as long as I had the receipt.

On the day of my purchase there happened to also be a Free Gift with purchase at the Lancome counters. I’d all ready purchased the Renergie Microlift Facial Moisturizer and had received their Free Gift with that. I didn’t expect or anticipate another when I was being sold the Lancome Self Tanner, however the sales associate had insisted and I felt, well… “what the heck, ok, sure… twist my arm, I’ll take another FREE Gift.”

Fast forward…

I tried the Lancome Self Tanning Lotion and once again this year was *Not Impressed*.

It streaks, isn’t as easy to apply as other self tanners I’ve used this summer and truly didn’t get the dark color they keep telling me it will. (unless you consider the color of slightly darker than hepatitis to be groovy)

When I returned the Self Tanner I was totally stunned when the sales associate, in a rather disdained, pained nasal tone said, “So, did you like the FREE Gift?”

I replied, “I honestly don’t know, I really haven’t even used it yet.”

She: “Did you want to buy something else?”

Me: “No thanks, I really have everything I need right now.”

She: “Well, your sales receipt shows you received a Free Gift, did you bring it back?” (I made this purchase about 3 weeks ago – they’re not doing free gifts any more.)

(obviously she can see I’m only carrying my purse – the gift was a tote bag with makeup in it)

Me: “Ummm, no I didn’t bring the FREE gift back, in all honesty, it didn’t even occur to me that I would need to.”

She: “Well, yes, you do,” she scolds, now looking at me as if I’ve suddenly become a homeless bag lady that hadn’t showered in weeks, “if you ever return something again, you’ll need to bring back your FREE Gift, but… as a one time curtsey, I’ll return this for you *This Time*.

I’m stunned and remain silent.

I’m thinking… I’ve been buying Lancome for years.

I pay good money for Lancome…

I’m not sure, but… I think I’m a little insulted.

There just might not be “A Next Time.” At least, not at THIS sales counter.

So, like, I’ve never heard of such a beast before. Is it common, if one returns a product for them to also return the FREE Gift as well? Granted, it was a FREE Gift with purchase. I had no idea that, if the purchase didn’t work out, one would need to return the gift as well. *sighs*

I was amazed that it was even brought up.

I guess I must have been driving the short bus that day… lol

Wouldn’t keeping the FREE Gift give an exposure to their OTHER products so that a customer might want to try and or purchase some of those?


Silly me for not bringing back the FREE Gift. I consider myself SO scolded by Ms. Wannbe Pretend French Girl at the Macy’s Lancome counter.


5 responses to “Did you bring the gift back??? huh???

  1. “Did you bring back the FREE gift”? What the hell is THAT? What does the word “gift” mean? That is SO wrong. She must have been having a bad day, and took it out on you. OY! Find a new place to shop, Hon…

  2. No, no return needed. A gift is a gift…wtf was she thinking! Try another Lancome counter…because you know what they are on commission…and it can hurt when they lose sales…

  3. Methinks the nice ladies at Lancome should be more concerned about keeping a CUSTOMER than worrying about getting a “gift” back that they can’t reuse anyway. Oy. Sounds like it’s some kind of corporate policy-type thing though. V. Lame.

  4. Thanks, Paul, Sara, and Elizabeth, for your input. It’s very much appreciated. I was wondering if I’d fallen off the etiquette wagon and fumbled into bad manners on my behalf. Really, when I think about it, how rude is that? E!, I think you’re right, probably some corporate decision made at the top. Not necessarily a smart decision. Still, Ms. Wannabe French Girl needn’t have been so harsh . lol I’d showered. *smartass blonde grin*

  5. If it was a corporate decision, she could have said that instead of implying you were trying to rip them off! I definitely would choose another Lancome counter and tell the store management why. In my earlier life I worked in customer service for a large dept. store chain. In those days the “customer is always right”. Times do change 😦

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