blogger is buggin me…

I’ve been having blogger issues since last Thursday (I think I caught it from Paul).  Then I had Comcrap issues.  Who charges $45 a month for internet high speed cable that faithfully doesn’t work one to two weekends a month …. always when I’m busiest???  Apparently they’re not in a hurry for me to leave their services.  They *get* that they’ve been bad, recently gave me a month’s free internet service and are now lowering my monthly bill to the current special they’re running of $19.99 for 6 months.  Cool to lower payments.  Not cool to more faulty service.  I’d switch to DSL but it’s not in my area yet. (I looked – those that have it are… suffering, too.)

So, eblogger isn’t loading my pictures, allowing me to post or delete posts… and then it went in to clone mode.  I’m not sure typepad is going to work, but thought, what the heck… Paul did it, so I’ll give it a try.  lol

At the moment I am totally lost on typepad and totally missing being able to change my font. (not that the font change ever actually worked for me on blogger… *sighs*  but I can still miss it)


4 responses to “blogger is buggin me…

  1. Welcome to TypePad!
    If you need any help, give a yell. I have an idea of what I’m doing here now. *L*

  2. Thanks Cookie, I could definitely use some help! I think it might help if I had a little spare time, too… it drove me crazy the other night. And then I stressed over wasting all that time when I had so many other things I should be doing! *laughs at self* I’m so blonde like that!

  3. Hi Honey! Looking good! I like your layout and theme! Welcome to the neighborhood! IT’s really nice here, especially now that you’re here! Later!

  4. Oh, I like the new digs!!!!

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