Best Friends…

Galen and Kitty playing while I’m trying to work.
(Monster Kitty’s not so big now that the puppy has grown)
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4 responses to “Best Friends…

  1. Hehehehe….I. Love. This. Photo! Hehehehe…..

  2. Oh, Galen! Don’t you know you can never trust a cat? LOOK at how close together those beady little eyes are. I bet she’s even got mouse breath. I live with two such freaks so I know about such things.I see you have one of those lonnnnnng narrow snouts just perfect for fishing kitty doodies out of the little door of a covered litter box. Do I have that right? Yeeaaaaaahhhhhh… I knew it. You’re strictly a user.

  3. Oh, how cute is that!!! They look adorable…

  4. Thanks, Paul and Sara. He is cute… and worse… he knows it!! *laughs* So *male* of him! *grins*

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