It was a real Monday, Thank God it’s Tuesday…

My week started off with a real Monday, not the normal *Oh Yay! It’s Monday* kind of Monday’s I usually have.

I tossed and turned the night before, then over slept and missed my 8:15 appointment (on purpose… this girl has GOT to get her sleep, even if it means starting my day late). So, I started out Monday late, behind schedule, groggy, with a blonde fuzz brain (low brain cell activity, slightly different than groggy), and a kink in my neck that blocked any hopes of being a high achiever for the day. (seriously – a way kink in my neck, meaning, IT HURT!)

I missed the call from the banker. Really, who calls that early anyway? I don’t owe them money, I’m trying to put money in there. lol

I didn’t take the first call from the guy buying the Celica (car #1 of two cars I’m selling), because, well… he’s just annoying the hell out of me. Ok, I often let him go to voice mail. He’s related to PITA I’m pretty sure and a story I’ll tell you later. He’s been pushing as a canidate for Blondevilles famous *Dick of the Day* Award. *smiles*

The chiropractor wasn’t busy and took a quick look at my neck (I think I slept on it wrong – or funny – or something), saw immediately what was wrong, and proceeded to almost bring swear words involuntarily from my innocent little mouth, again. *rolls eyes n grins*

Next stop, the physical therapist. However, I screwed up the time. Nope, wasn’t late. I was 2 hours early. *laughs at self* It all worked out cool since Paul,(PT #2) wasn’t busy. His wife and I got a good laugh though. He thought I’d just stopped by to visit with his wife. LOL Well, on his wife’s behalf, I do have to say, I absolutely adore her. She’s my kind of girl friend. Positive, happy, fun and has no major issues. When I leave this physical therapist I wanna keep his wife for a girlfriend. (and no, not the muffin eating kind of girlfriend – ekkkkkkk!! Just say no to muffins! *double grins* Although I do have gay friends, I’m just not THAT happy! *grins* No muffins for me, but thanks anyway.)

Next my work has issues. Two of my sites appear to have brain tumors of some type. They’re not functioning normal. I decide to look at it as a, “It’s ok, you needed to rest today,” type of day and chill.

I was unsuccessful in getting a hold of: The banker, the dog trainer, Emanuella, who’s leaving for France soon, and wasn’t able to talk to my friend about the car. (the cat had my tongue = I’m a big fat chicken ass)

I forgot to call the new homeopath and dentist and spaced out making another eye appointment. *sighs*

The 8:15 I missed that morning, to get the girly-girl SUV car alarm checked out, was able to work me in after my PT appointment, which seemed cool at first… Until I had to stand outside in crappy air waiting for their taxi to take me home for 30 minutes. That didn’t exactly make me want to sing show tunes. I tried to convince myself that it really wasn’t that bad, after all I had missed the 8:15. I tried to buy this conversation in my head – but the pissy side almost won. I managed to, not chew anyone up or spit anyone out, but I wasn’t exactly my normal smiley self. I mean, why say you can give me a ride home when no ride is available at that time???

Oh well, I lived through it and didn’t get the *Biotch of the Day* Award. *grins*

The last kicker for my day, was the new banks web site didn’t work and I couldn’t get my application finished. grrrrrr… like hellooooo????? Really, it should NOT be so hard to give you my money!!!


I’ll tell you about Tuesday on Wednesday.


Oh wait – nothing too out of the ordinary happened today. I finally connected with the new bank and things are underway, I managed to put the new fax together, all by myself (the brain surgeon wasn’t available), and ummmm… what else??? Hmmm… Oh yeah. I had a kick ass day at work, dealt with some great clients and made a bunch of money. *blue eyed smile* My kind of day!

But… I’m still behind in all I need to accomplish. *sighs* (then remembers self made agreement to pace myself)

Okey dokey… nighters all from Blondeville. I have an early day tomorrow. I have to meet Mr. PITA, the Celica buyer, at DMV in the morning. *groannnsss* I can hardly wait to get my money and be away, away, far away from this guy! He has future stalker written ALL over him! Ekkkkkkk!!! Just say no! to serial phone calls and stalking!!


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