I like these…

I came across these pictures a while back
and I just love the colors in them.

I either need to pretend to be a fake copy artist,
dig out the oil paints and start playing or
order them.

My mind needs to get lost in playing with art.


Or something.

I’m totally missing having my
hands lost in clay. Studying a piece and figuring out
the color combination it should be. I think that side of
my brain is finally starting to wake back up after
it’s long winters sleep.

Truthfully, I’m not even sure where I’d put them.
I just like them.
I like the peaceful yet warm colors…

and that they’re fun… Whimsical, different, fun.
(but then, what do I know with my lack of exposure, hidden away
in my little cave these past several years?)

But, *sighs* with signs of the season all ready beginning
to change and prepare for fall,
I’ll probably be going through a color shift.
I hope I’m not going to be too fickle.
My blue and green attraction can’t last forever, can it? lol Posted by Picasa


2 responses to “I like these…

  1. LOVE THE PRINTS! The blue/green combination is awesome! Very refreshing to the eye! I didn’t know you painted (did I ?)! hehehe… Get the paints out and go to it!

  2. Thanks, Paul… they’re soothing in way, aren’t they?Can I paint? I’m not sure… it’s been a while. It was one of those Jr. High things. I took a lesson, won a purple ribbon and said.. “Ok, I can do that now.” lolI have been hankering to take some art lessons though. Somehow I thought I’d do stained glass first and I could figure out the paint scene on my own. Blonde brain, you know what I mean? *grins*

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