It’s a printer miracle!!

I think I’ve figured out how to get the old printer (that’s not so old) to work … all by my little blonde self!

Actually, I pretended I knew what I was doing, had a brain flash, decided to do a bit more trouble shooting before I threw it away, away, good-bye, away. (it was sitting by the front door, ready to be carried out and tossed in the community dumpster)

My spark of an idea has so far deemed to be successful… (crosses fingers) I think, I think, I think… I might have it working. (Ouch.. it’s late, it’s been a headache from hell day… all that thinking can hurt a girl, ya know what I mean??)

Yay me! This means I can take the new printer back (there’s a 14 day return policy) and watch for really cool printers to go on sale. I love the idea of saving money. *tired grins*

I like THAT idea sooo much better!


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