Ugh… I need a new book to read…

It’s a sad day in a blondes life when I’m short on reading material and have to resort to reading … the owners manual of the new SUV. *sighs* If this trend keeps up I’ll have to learn how you use all those little buttons and gadgets on the new house phone before too much longer. *laughs at self* It took me a whole day to figure out how to delete messages… and that was just by accident. (not that reading the instruction manual wouldn’t have helped… it was just such … dry reading. *grins*) (ummm…. yes, I’m … almost … exaggerating. *winks*)

I obviously didn’t order enough – brain dead – *don’t think just read* books during my last B&N order. I just finished with Laurell K Hamilton’s, “Death of a Darklord” which was pretty good and served it’s purpose for – brain dead – mode. However the book, which was easy reading, didn’t really last as long as my need for brain dead reading did.
*double pity pot sighs, then grins*

During the next couple of days I’ll be on overload of that dammmmm manual reading, though. My printer had the audacity to die on me during one of those *brown outs* my buddy, Duane, had just been telling me about last week. It got the nervous twitches, tried to imitate an epileptic fit, and all but fell off the printer stand. After several cerebral attempts to try and revive it, I had to finally say good-bye. Last Rites at Eleven. Then it’s off to the local dumpster.

Sooo… I’ve a new printer and fax to boggle my little blonde brain. Actually, it shouldn’t be that bad. It looks relatively simple and blonde friendly. lol


2 responses to “Ugh… I need a new book to read…

  1. My friend Molly loaned me the book “Journey of Souls”, Case studies of life between lives by Michael Newton, Ph.D. Fascinating book about where our souls go and what happens between lives (if you’re into that sort of thing…)

  2. Hey honey! *Welcome home* I’ll look into that, but the catch word “case studies” indicates that it might not be the – brain dead – thing I’m looking for. And, ya goof… you know I’d be interested in … that sort of thing. *winks n hugs you*

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