A jumbled message dream…

I’m not a big fan of dreaming (unless of course it’s one of those rare yummy dreams.. lol) I have the kind of dreams that aren’t easy to have. They ALWAYS mean something. They’re not for mild, night time, entertainment. They either carry a jumbled message to ponder over and figure out … or, are the worse kind.

Well, lets just say that in *the worse kind* I can’t tell if it’s real or not. It takes a while for me to be able to tell if I was asleep or awake. They’re so real it’s like it actually happened in that moment. And… it has usually happened or is about to. Everything in *those* kinds of dreams is poignantly clear, down to the tiniest detail… and in color. *sighs*

All in all, I try not to dream because I’m not a big fan of *those* kind of dreams. I always jerk awake, startled, sitting fully upright, feeling like my body just slammed back into my chest and, while trying to recover my breathing, I’m left to figure out if it was a dream or did it really happen. I’m always soooo relieved to find out I’m in bed, snuggled up in my covers when I’m finally awake enough to figure out it was just *one of those* dreams.

Fortunately for me, *those* kind of dreams don’t happen often. But they leave enough of an impact on me to dread the next one … even if they are years apart.

Last night’s dream, blessedly wasn’t one of *those* dreams and was light weight and what I’d call a jumbled type dream. A dream with some reality and a clear message. An annoying jumbled type dream. lol (I laugh especially because of a conversation with my dr. a couple of weeks ago – about the new treatment I’m doing and it causing irritation and annoyment (blonde word) – I was so relieved to know THAT was what was bringing out some *not so normal* feelings in me)

Anywayyyy….. In the dream I was on a date with a Keifer Sutherland like dude. (which would be a dude that’s totally not my type) I was trying to be his friend and enjoy a comfortable, fun time together and the Keifer Sutherland dude kept trying to make *us* a couple that we weren’t. *sighs* I was trying to be nice about it, sensitive to his feelings, but… shall we say I absolutely could not wait for the date to end… before I slugged the guy!

Don’t you just HATE it when you’re trying to be a friend and some guy can’t keep his hands off you or keeps trying to make it something it’s not?! *exasperated sigh* Good lord, I hope I don’t dream tonight… I couldn’t take another night of Keifer Sutherland! LOL (yes, he’s cute and a pretty decent actor – and that rugged look can be quite appealing – but he’s STILL not my type! *grins*)

Dreams like that are – enough to make me avoid the thought of even one more date. ugh! I hate being manhandled. Especially by someone I’m not even remotely attracted to! So few men know where the boobs stop and the brain begins.. lol


6 responses to “A jumbled message dream…

  1. I don’t look like Keifer Sutherland. Want to go out?

  2. Annoyment… so cute!

  3. Isn’t that “where the “boobs begin and the brain stops”? *S*

  4. *Smacks* Tom… and *giggles* while she does it. :)*rolls eyes and laughs some more*No, no, silly man. That’s what happens with MEN! lol

  5. Ouch. *Winches*Hot damn…love those chiseled biceps!

  6. *Hands Tom a cold compress* I’m sorry, did it really hurt so bad? *grins*

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